Is anybody out there?

It was a typical Saturday for me today. I got up out of my typical bed and got a shower in my typical bathroom followed by eating my typical 2 weetabix with milk. After this, I carried on with the summer course I’m taking and watched a few episodes of Desperate Housewives (which has become a bit of an addiction!). Then, as I usually do, I got changed into my bright yellow t-shirt which reads Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For Children right across the top and headed off to do my typical volunteer work.

It was when I took out the rubbish that I got extremely philosophical. I took a moment to look up at the cloudless sky. This is when all the thoughts started whizzing around my head. How can the sky just go on and on and never end? I’ll be honest, I think like this on a regular basis.

“The universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists or is known to exist. This includes all matter and energy; planets, stars and galaxies; and the contents of intergalactic space.”

Maybe I’m crazy, but I find that a little hard to get my head around. How can we be the only known life forms out of hundreds of billions of galaxies that are out there? And how can we be the only known life forms within our own galaxy!? Scientists have been researching this for years, and every time an amazing discovery is made, another group of scientists will accuse them of making up results and the whole discovery is trashed.

People talk about “life on mars” or possible alien life on Titan – one of Saturn’s moons – but what exactly does this mean? In terms of “life on mars” really all that scientists have got are martian microbes and in the grand scheme of things, this means very little to the average person. People want to see green, slimy aliens emerging from behind spaceships or gigantic humanoids prancing across meadows on Jupiter. Realistically, nobody knows what alien life might be. How do we know “aliens” are even creatures who walk on two legs?

The most interesting article I have come across recently is one in which some Siberian mountain walkers claim to have found a dead alien corpse – frozen of course – among the snow.

Now, I realise that people will go out of their way to get attention, especially with alien related matters but something about this video really attracts me. I think it’s that I WANT it to be true.

From 1947’s Roswell UFO incident to that cracker movie with ‘real’ footage, “The Fourth Kind”, people will do anything to cause a stir.

The question is: what do you believe?


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